Sidetracks Volume One

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Back again with a new mixtape. This time, it's something I wanted to put together since very very long. The idea behind this mixtape serie "Sidetracks"  was to put together (in a as seamless way as possible) some of my all time favorite songs of various music styles that I can hear over and over, for some of them without  losing the ability to give these specials shivers.  On the other hand, the selected songs had also to have the potential to be listened at en passant, while for instance at work or doing anything focused. The challenge:  Intense listening pleasure & relaxing entertainment.
  1. Moondog – Bird’s Lament
  2. Henry Mancini – Lujon
  3. Sekouba Bambino Diabate – Sebema
  4. Serge Gainsbourg – Couleur Cafe
  5. Les Rita Mitsouko – Andy Bassapella
  6. Ish – Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
  7. Chopin – Waltz Op.64 no.2 in C-Sharp Minor
  8. Michael Jackson – Billy Jean (Nico’s Rework)
  9. Kate Bush – Army Dreamers
  10. Paul Simon – 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
  11. Jeanne Moreau – J’ai La Mémoire Qui Flanche
  12. Stateless – Bloodstream
  13. Franz Ferdinand – 40′
  14. Freebidou – Amicalement Vôtre
  15. Harry Nilson – Coconut
  16. Susana Baca – Maria Lando
  17. Michel Cleis feat Toto La Momposina – La Mezcla (Charles Webster’s Club Mix)
  18. Feist – Gatekeeper (John Kong Do Right Mix)
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