This page features various mixtapes I made during my past as professional DJ.
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Oldies Mix

A pot pourri of some of my favorites Rock and Disco classics with songs by Emmylou Harris, Bill Haley, Ella Fitzgerald, Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin and many more.This mixtape was...

Live @ Palais am Festungsgraben

The set starts slowly with some jazz, then kicks off with a few regular disco classics to get everybody on the dancefloor, builds up and peaks the tension with rock...

Live @ Frauenau

Live recording of Christopher and Felicia's wedding party, june 5th, 2010. Eclectic music: mixing all kinds of different music styles (disco, funk, rock, punk, grunge, rap, balkanic, house, techno, and the...

Live @ Kuehlseggen

This is the live recording (6 hours of music) of a wedding party (Rosalie's and Felix's) where I've been deejaying september 19th. It's a real mash-up of all kinds of...

Live @ MSD

Live recording of a 30th birthday party where I have been deejaying on some warm summer night in Berlin. It showcases the other more mainstream side of my DJ skills,...