Deep Tronik Mix 2019-10

Marc Schraepler
Deep Tronik Mix 2019-10
Marc SchraeplerDeep Tronik Mix 2019-10

Deep minimal techno mixed on a rainy saturday night. Tracks by efdemin, butane, joris voorn and more.


  1. emissor – en el remolque (pier bucci remix)
  2. aphex twin – windowlicker
  3. dapayk solo – woo (does the glitch bother you) (butane remix)
  4. traffic signs – the big fake
  5. frivolous – sooo savey
  6. fur coat – petit pillow
  7. tim gregor – spook
  8. aural distortion – plasma (peter dildo remix)
  9. efdemin – just a track
  10. daniel dreier – what’s going on
  11. dj sneak – inside (original)
  12. camelphat elderbrook – cola (original mix)
  13. joris voorn – ringo (original)
  14. ray okpara – chi this wonder up (rodriguez jr. remix)
  15. reset robot – my son is a fish finger
  16. butane – everybody’s talkin’
  17. 2000 and one – state of house (matthias tanzmann remix)
  18. john tejada – sweat on the walls
  19. be svendsen seth schwarz – the bar tender
  20. moloko – forever more (fkek vocal mix)


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