Berlin I Will Remember You

A Mix i did for a very good friend, Seth, shortly after he had left Berlin. It’s a kind of Downtempo, Lounge, Chill House Mix finishing with some West Coast Stuff by Dermarkus Lewis, Lawnchair Generals… That’s the House sound i once used to listen to…


Sorry,  I don’t have the exact Tracklisting anymore. Below is all I remember.

  1. TTC – De Pauvres Riches
  2. Herbaliser – Mr. Holmes
  3. Smoke City – Flying Away
  4. Dubz Deluxe – From Russia With Love
  5. Beady Belle – Bella (Mental Overdrive Rmx)
  6. Beanfield – The Great Outside (Dixon Remix)
  7. Cowboy Johnny Christ – Are You A Lonely Girl Extended
  8. Dorfmeister And Madrid D.L.A – Valldemossa (Pele Mix)
  9. Llorca – The End (David Duriezs Remix)
  10. Atcq Vs Sir Piers & Si Ashton – Bonita Applebum Curious H-Rmx
  11. Freaks – Telefunken (Random Factor’s Croissant Mix)
  12. Lipps Inc – How Long
  13. ? – Inland Knights Remix

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